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The history of Bosisio Sign srl is the story of its chairman Vittorio Bosisio and his daughter Alessia. When they were owners of one of Europe’s leading foundries (a historical company founded in 1911), they decided to branch out into the hotel market.

The production was oriented to high-end hotels and the response was very encouraging from the start. In a few years, the market had grown so much that it clearly became necessary to set up a new company dedicated exclusively to hotels to provide customers with a flawless service.

In 1997 Bosisio Sign srl was established, founded by current president Ing. Vittorio Bosisio his daughter, the architect Alessia Bosisio.

Having worked with leading hotels worldwide, over the years Bosisio Sign srl has gained a wealth of experience especially in customized productions.

More than 80% of the production is the result of close cooperation with clients, architects and designers.

How do we do it? An initial enquiry is followed up with a briefing with the client to understand their needs better, followed by a preliminary assessment and a first showcasing of images that might constitute a viable solution. By working with the client the initial idea is brought forward to the final design, to prototyping, and then to production and installation.

But that is not all we do: we can undertake a comprehensive study of the complex signaling system of a hotel, identifying the position and messages to convey to guests ensuring they reach their destination. Naturally, we are facilitated in this task by the many years spent working on project layouts, both in Italy and abroad, which represent an important wealth of experience that we pass onto the client. We do not think much more is needed to present our company, in fact at Bosisio Sign srl we believe that our customer references – listed at www.bosisiosign.com – speak volumes on our behalf.

Our products are made exclusively in Italy because merchandise of the utmost quality has always been our main goal. The combination of the excellence of Italian design, the collaboration of carefully selected artisans, the application of cutting edge technology and the most meticulous inspection of every detail has made it possible for us to find premium placement on the market.

Technology and material are in constant evolution and we are dedicated to researching any and all help innovative processes have to offer. But the fact is that providing the finest quality goods is not only a question of technology and machinery. The most valuable factors are design and the attention our master craftsmen and women commit to detail throughout the production process. There is no doubt that mass-production would be a more convenient solution since economies of scale cut expenses but this choice could never conform to the steady progression in the field of hotel décor which requires the tiniest detail to harmonize impeccably with the overall result. This is our objective. We focus upon designing and manufacturing objects that blend perfectly with any hotel ambiance.

Quality does not necessarily mean excessive prices. Quality can also be produced when less expensive material, finishing and design are examined and used in order to respect both the budget and the identity of the hotel in question: traditional hotels, trendy hotels, design hotels, boutique hotels or luxury hotels as well as motels, tourist villages, residences, B&Bs and spas all require the kind of products that fully express their identity and interior architecture.

Craftsmanship and industry

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